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Examples Edit

Rocket Arena Edit

This map goes back to the basics: rockets, jetboots, and blowing up bridges. Out-maneuver your foes using your jetboots, cut off their escape by nuking the bridges, and rain doom down upon them using a rapid-fire rocket launcher. But don't fall in the lava - ouch!

Roblox City Tycoon V 5.0 Repaired FullyEdit

92% Complete ... Hotel: 100% ... Airport: 100% ... Police Station: 100% ... Restaurant: 100% ... Museum Mansion: 100% ... Hospital: 100% ... Fire Station: 100% ... Gun Mall: 10% ... School: 100% ... Brand New Layout And Added Trucks To Start With ... Added V.I.P Room!, V.I.P and ADMIN Will Be Out Shortly ...will be adding new place-moderators

Survive zombies in a subway Edit

You where in the train station as the train pulls up you get inside but you notice these other strange pplz but thay where not but you just sat down in your seat and the train started to move.The suddenly she train stopped and you notice your still not where you need to be so you run to the driver to find zombies eating his run gasping as thay run after you next WILL YOU SURVIVE?v

NEW! Noob trap testing*6 Traps* Edit

Under construction PM Ideas to Gamik on wikia OR BlingBling1111 On roblox

Space Explorers 2: Build and live mode... Edit

You can buy creators VIP shirt: Rules: Copy first the brick if you want to use it. Don't destroy somebody's work! Don't replace bricks on somebody work! Please, don't destroy or replace bricks on the brickpile Please do not over-copy bricks! No chrashing on someones work with a plane! If someones not following the rules just say: kick [playersname] SPECIAL THANX TO acrid and PRG and Thanks to battleben for the Bluesteel planet! Credit to Mapido for the planes